Barbie accessories – perfect holiday gift for girls

Since the invention of Barbie in 1959, Barbie fans have had access to a wide array of various Barbie accessories. Barbie has enjoyed playsets such as mansions, castles, beauty parlors, and cruise ships. She has also had the fortune of being able to drive a bus, a minivan, a Volkswagen Beetle, horses, and motorcycles. Barbie has definitely had the pleasure of playing with one of the largest collection of available accessories made for any toy.

Barbie accessories clothes and shoes

Barbie accessoriesOne of the most popular Barbie accessories of all time is the wide array of Barbie clothing, particularly clothes sets. She can choose between wedding dresses and ball gowns, bathing suits and pajamas, blue jeans and fur coats. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular uses for Barbie is playing dress up. Girls and young women love to dress Barbie in fashionable outfits, mixing and creating looks of their own. These looks can then be supplemented further with other Barbie accessories. These include shoes of all kinds, jewelry, purses, and even cell phones and hand-held radios. While Barbie actually has a hard time “holding” many of her accessories, it is still fun for those playing to pretend Barbie is using them.

Barbie vehicle

Barbie accessoriesOnce Barbie is all dressed and ready to go the town, she can get a ride in one of her many vehicles, such as her pink convertible. She could go visit other parts of the world via her cruise ship or airplane. But her favorite forms of transportation are her remote-control Jeep and her Volkswagen Beetle. These are available in many different colours.

For her trips to the ball, there are also horse-and-carriage sets available in the Barbie accessories section. Barbie also has a big selection of bikes, scooters, and motorcycles to choose from.

Barbie playset

Barbie accessoriesWhere Barbie is headed is anyone’s guess, though she has plenty of options. Barbie Playsets available include places for recreation, for living, and for working. Beach scenery, home furnishings, and a large selection of hair and makeup accessories are also available.

Barbie’s Fashion Fever dolls have available playsets that include fashionable Barbie bedrooms and dressing rooms, with optional furnishings and other Barbie accessories to enhance play time.

Barbie accessories – homes

barbie malibu house

When Barbie is ready to come home and relax, there are also many homes from which to choose. Barbie has lived in many different versions of a dream mansion and a few versions of a magical castle as well. Also providing suitable accommodations is Barbie’s motor home camper.

Barbie has over the years redecorated her bedroom several different times, having canopy beds and vanity tables. No matter where she sleeps, she sleeps comfortably in her large collection of sleepwear.

Barbie pets

Barbie accessoriesFavourite Barbie accessories include her pets. Among these have been pet dogs and cats and horses. Other Barbie accessories available for her pets include a complete veterinarian office with x-ray capability and a grooming salon. Barbie’s pets also have a large variety of dog and cat toys to play with.

Playtime with Barbie is never to be boring. The executives at Mattel continue to come up with new and exciting Barbie accessories. This means that young girls can keep adding to their Barbie collection for as long as they want to.

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BeatBo Fisher Price Dance Toy

BeatBo Fisher Price Dance Toy

BeatBo Fisher Price Dance Toy

BeatBo Fisher Price Dance Toy is the perfect toy for toddlers from about nine months. But slightly older children will also adore it. They will love to play and dance with this colourful, slightly alien looking, robotic toy.

There are several ways your toddler can play with the BeatBo Fisher Price Dance toy. Your toddler can press BeatBo’s large colourful tummy grid and buttons on his feet. BeatBo starts to sing, shake his hips and nod his head. This encourages your toddler to move around and dance along to the music.

This is great fun for your toddler, but it also helps develop important motor skills. The music, colourful lights and dancing motions also stimulate their senses. And very soon your little one is learning that fun things start happening when BeatBo’s buttons are pushed.

Your toddler will then want to learn BeatBo’s songs and dance moves and join in with them. There are over 40 songs, tunes and phrases that your child can learn.  These include learning colours, alphabet songs, games and much more.

One of the best things about this Fisher Price dance toy is the record and remix feature. Mum or toddler can press the red record and remix button and say a phrase to BeatBo.  BeatBo will then mix this phrase into a favourite song and play it back. This makes the BeatBo Fisher Price Dance Toy really stand out from many other electronic toys for toddlers.

This Fisher Price Dance Toy is great fun for toddlers as well as being educational. It will keep your toddler entertained for ages. No wonder it’s a best seller and is thoroughly recommended by Best Toy News.

BeatBo Fisher Price Dance Toy

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Batbot Xtreme New Batman Toy Robot

Batbot Xtreme Robot

Batbot Xtreme Robot

Batbot Xtreme is the latest Batman toy to be released. It goes under the rather long title of Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot Xtreme. Each year Batman and Imaginext fans eagerly await news of the latest toys and they haven’t been disappointed with this one.

Batman is a popular fictional superhero that has appeared in American comic books by DC Comics for as long as we can remember. If you’re a fan of Batman, you’ll want to find out all about Batbot Xtreme and how you can get hold of it before the Christmas rush. And, more importantly, before it sells out

What is Batbot Xtreme?

Batbot Xtreme is the ultimate toy robot created for Batman fans. The robot has multiple projectile launchers, extendable wings, a voice changer, a hidden Batcycle and real punching fists. Batman fans will love this Super Hero as they send him to defend Gotham City from evil Super-Villain Attacks.

Batbot Xtreme is huge. He stands a little over two-feet tall and weighs in at 6 pounds. This robot towers over the bad guys of Gotham City. They’ve got no chance against this giant. You can send your Batbot Xtreme robot into an epic battle with his enemies simply by turning the Power Pad. Prepare him for action by extending his wings and arms. Squeeze the trigger on the back of the Batbot Xtreme and let rip his super-charged punch.

Launch the Batbot Xtreme Projectiles

You’ll find the Power Pad on the robot’s left shoulder. Turn it and the robot’s chest will open up, revealing a hidden elevator. The elevator takes Batman to the cockpit, where he will launch his counterattack.  On the robot’s shoulders you’ll find the projectile launch buttons. Press the buttons and launch the Batbot Xtreme projectiles.

Batbot Xtreme

Batbot Xtreme Robot

Unique Voice Changer and Bat Cycle

The Batbot robot has a unique built-in voice changer. Kids can have great fun with different voice effects as they battle with those mean Super-Villains. Turn another power pad and you’ll find the hidden bat cycle. Now Batman can race off on his motorcycle to do battle with the villains.

Developing language skills

This Batman robot is just the toy to stimulate children’s imaginations. All kinds of storytelling and imaginative play help develop children’s language skill. It can also help them gain a love of reading at an early age.

Batbot Xtreme Features summary

  • Turn the power pad on the right shoulder to activate battle mode.
  • During battle mode, children can use the voice changer for some epic voice effects.
  • The toy is over 2 feet tall and comes complete with punching fists, wings, a motorcycle, voice changer, and projectile launchers.
  • Batman figure fits inside the elevator. This takes him straight up to the cockpit.
  • Press the buttons on the shoulders and fire the projectiles.
  • Turn the power pad to the left and the Bat cycle will be revealed.
  • Includes the Batman figure, Batbot, 10 projectiles and Bat Cycle

Where and how to get it

What Batman fan wouldn’t want to play with this great new toy? Although it’s recommended for ages 3-8 years plenty of adults will want this one. The new Batbot Xtreme robot toy is also the perfect gift for kids into Fisher Price Imaginext toys. And it’s likely to sell out very quickly as Christmas approaches.. It’s now available on special offer from But if you’re in UK it can be shipped to you through the Amazon priority global shipping

Click the link below and get you order in today whilst stocks are still available at this price.


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Bright Starts Get Cookin’ Kitchen Toy Playset

Most youngsters enjoy ‘helping out’ when you are in the kitchen. It means you can keep an eye on them when you’re cooking or prepping food. But it also might slow you down. And as a busy parent this probably isn’t what you want. The answer is to give your little one their own kitchen toy playset such as the Bright Starts Get Cookin’ Kitchen toy. See here.

Bright Starts Get Cookin' Kitchen toy Playset

Bright Starts Get Cookin’ Kitchen Toy Playset

However this Kitchen Toy Playset does a lot more than simply familiarising your child with the kitchen. It is designed as a learning and education toy. It will boost your child’s motor skills development, independence and colour and letter identification skills.

The Bright Starts Get Cookin’ Kitchen Toy Playset has many features that are attractive to small children.These include:

* Brightly coloured to hold your child’s attention

* Teaches letters, colours, fruit and vegetable identification

* Compatible with other Bright Starts Having a Ball toys

* Fun flip page book. Pretend pot, burner and blender

What’s good about the Bright Starts Get Cookin’ Kitchen Toy Playset?

This is a great double-sided toy kitchen playset for younger children aged between 12 and 36 months. It is made of plastic and comes at a reasonable price. Your toddler will have fun exploring the ten different activities that come with the playset. They will also learn how to identify fruit and vegetable from the accompanying flipbook.

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Barbie STEM Kit Playset for Girls and Boys

Barbie STEM kit playset

Barbie STEM kit playset

The Barbie STEM kit playset is designed to specifically to encourage young girls to experiment with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. It’s a great fun way for young children to learn about science and technology and experiment with building tools. Boys can also play with this STEM kit. If your little boy is into Barbie he’s going to love this Barbie STEM kit playset.

What’s in the Barbie STEM kit playset

Your child can get involved in a variety of engaging and challenging activities with this STEM kit . These activities include 7 building projects and more than 7 different experiments. Your child can learn how to build a spinning closet rack, a washing machine, a jewellery holder, a hammock, a dress designer platform, a greenhouse with a fan and a shoe rack.

The kit includes a colorful, 32-page, fully illustrated storybook that shows you what Barbie and her friend Nikki have to do to complete their tasks. Your child can follow along as Barbie and Nikki use logic, science, and some smart thinking to solve their problems.

There is also a guidebook with full instructions on how to carry out the various experiments including creating various dresses for Barbie. Little girls will love making the chromatography and leaf-print dress and the optical illusion origami dresses too.

Barbie fans will also love the scientist doll that comes with this playset. Scientist Barbie is dressed in a one piece skirt, top and lab coat. She has all her tools ready to perform her experiments and create her projects. This Barbie playset can’t fail to draw your child into the exciting and stimulating world of science and technology.

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Barbie Dolls Dream House Playset

Barbie Dolls Dream House Playset really is a dream for any Barbie doll fan. It will provide hours of fun, excitement and lots of smiles for any little girl. I wish I had one when I was young!

Barbie Dollsl Dream House Playset

Barbie Dolls Dream House Playset

With three floors, seven rooms and a working elevator Barbie Dolls Dream House Playset is ready and waiting for Barbie and her friends to move in. Your kids can have lots of fun dreaming up all kinds of stories, from a lazy weekend at home to dressing up for a fun girls’ night out.

Barbie’s Dream House has a generous sized built-in garage with an opening and closing door where Barbie can keep her car in safety. What’s more, your child may want to customize the house and use the garage as another room for extra guests.

There’s also a stunning atrium window attached to the garage so Barbie can watch the magnificent Malibu sunsets each evening. In addition you can simply flip the window down and it becomes a swimming pool ready for Barbie and her friends to cool off during the day.

As well as this the indoor rooms are classically inspired but have modern touches with trendy designs and details suitable for a modern young woman such as Barbie. New interactive tech features provide lights, sound and even movement throughout the house in a fun way that will excite any child’s imagination.

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Little People Sit ‘n Stand Skyway Building Set

Most toddlers love playing with cars and the Little People Sit ‘n Stand Skyway Building Set by Fisher Price offers the under-five’s lots of fun to spark their imagination. Toddlers can place their vehicles at the top and watch as the cars zip their way around the spiral ramps to the bottom.

Little People Sit 'n Stand Skyway Building Set

Little People Sit ‘n Stand Skyway Building Set

This building set is the perfect gift for any toddler, boy or girl and is the sort of toy I would have bought for my toddler had it been available then!

The skyway made Walmart’s Hottest 25 Toys List for 2016. It has plenty of bright colors and interesting stops along the way – such as the town that’s part of the Skyway. Kids can run imaginary errands in their vehicles or stop for a visit just like Mum and Dad.

When their tank of gas is getting low, they can pause at the gas pump to get a refill and keep on playing. From top to bottom, the Skyway will keep your child entertained for hours.

When fully erected the Little People Sit ‘n Stand Skyway Building Set is approximately a meter in height. This is an ideal size for toddlers to be able to reach.

By putting their cars at the very top of the Skyway and letting go, they can delight to see the vehicles speed down all the roadways and ramps.

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Barbie Princess Castle Playset

One of the hottest toys for kids right now is the new Barbie Princess Castle Playset. This castle offers hours of fun with fashion dolls in their very own castle.

This castle playset is a good size and has a full three floors to create whatever scenes your child’s imagination desires. The backdrop for the castle floors pop with all the bright, beautiful colors of the rainbow.

Barbie Princess Castle Playset

Barbie Princess Castle Playset

It’s no wonder this playset is in such high demand. From the turrets to the bottom floor of the castle there’s plenty of attention to detail. And with the multitude of accessories, your child can create an atmosphere for her dolls that’s fit for a princess

The butterfly cutouts that you’ll see on the bright yellow doors of the castle are just some of the lovely features found in castle. The turret at the top of the castle has a rainbow with clouds.

A lovely fairy doll can be fixed to the rainbow for a touch of magical beauty. The holder allows the doll to spin. There’s another rainbow between the turret and the end column of the castle.

The dolls can walk into the castle using the butterfly door. they can also enter through the open access on the bottom floor which leads directly into the dining room. There are plenty of fun accessories for the dining room.

You’ll find a table and two chairs in bright colors. These cute chairs both have backs that are made in the shape of butterflies. A chandelier hangs above the table adding glamour to the castle.

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Disney Frozen Dolls

The success of the Disney movie Frozen in 2013 was quickly followed by the release to the public of a number of Disney Frozen Dolls. These Disney Frozen Dolls replicated the characters in the film and were snapped up almost as soon as they arrived.  disney Fozen Dolls

The most popular of the Disney Frozen dolls was, and still is, Princess Elsa. In the film Elsa becomes a Snow Princess. Her magical powers to create snow and ice force Elsa to flee from her childhood home. She creates an ice castle where she hides herself away.

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Amazon Toys Gift Guide

With the Amazon Toys Gift Guide you will find thousands of the most popular toys for BabyToddlersKids, Big Kids, Family Games & Puzzles and Gifts Under £10.

Amazon Toys Gift Guide Fire Kids EditionTo save you time looking for that perfect toy the top 50 best selling toys are also featured in the Amazon Toys Gift Guide.

These include: My Friend Teddy Freddy Bear Plush Toy for your little ones, Anki Overdrive Starter Kit for older kids, Melissa & Doug Cook’s Corner Wooden Kitchen for age 3 and above, and the Amazon Fire Kids Edition, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB, Pink Kid-Proof Case also available in blue and comes with a 2 year if they break it we’ll replace it guarantee.

There’s also lots of lovely LEGO including LEGO DUPLO 10617: My First Farm, some brilliant Scalextric such as Scalextric 1:32 Scale C1329 ARC One (APP Race Control) Set, a huge selection of dolls houses for little girls including the ever popular Sylvanian Families Cosy Cottage Starter Home. You can find the whole Sylvanian Families range here in the Sylvanian Familes Store. 

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