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childrens toysHello.  My name is Judith and I am a grandma with a life-long fascination for toys for both children and adults. Best Toy News is here to help you keep up with what is happening in the wonderful world of toys.

The kinds of toys that you can buy for children grows every year. You can find simple toys as well as complex ones. Some toys can be purchased for pocket money while others are much more expensive.

You will want to provide toys for your child that help him or her grow both mentally and physically. There are toys for silly times, toys for serious times, toys for home, toys for travel, toys for playing with alone and toys where your child can interact with others.

Some toys are powered by the imagination alone, whereas other toys are much more interactive. One of the most popular category of toys is for dolls.

You can find dolls that have soft, cuddly bodies that make great bedtime toys. You can get dolls that open or close their eyes. Some can say phrases or even cry. There are dolls that will wet and burp. And the accessories you can find for these dolls are never-ending.

Kids love dolls and all of the items that go along with them. Some dolls also have an interactive life online. Kids can go into a program and learn and interact with the doll.

There are baby dolls, collectible dolls, dolls based on movie princesses and dolls that resemble your child’s hair and eye color so they can have a kind of “mini me”.

Action figures are another popular category. Some action figures come directly from the screen to the store and both girls and boys love these action figures. If it’s a superhero, you’re sure to find it in the action figure category. Some of these have sidekicks and accessories like cool cars or hideouts. Some are bendable and can transform.

Remote control vehicles are loved by girls as well as boys of all ages. You can find all sorts of road vehicles like cars and trucks, motorcycles, emergency cars, and construction vehicles . But you can also find ones for the air – like helicopters and airplanes. Boats and robots are also great remote control toys.

Board games are great toys to give kids of any age. You can find games that are great for individual play or group play. If you get ones for group play, these are helpful to teach healthy competition in social interaction and working with others to solve problems and accomplish goals.

There are movement games where the players have to solve puzzles in order to be able to move around the board. There are board games that require strategic planning in order to build worlds and conquer the opponent.

Some board games utilize important skills such as creating words or phrases out of single letters. Any type of board games makes a great holiday, birthday or just-because gift.

This is just a taster of some of the types of toys you will find on right here on Best Toy News. So please add us to your favourites and keep coming back to see what’s new and best in the toy world.


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