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Barbie accessories – perfect holiday gift for girls

Since the invention of Barbie in 1959, Barbie fans have had access to a wide array of various Barbie accessories. Barbie has enjoyed playsets such as mansions, castles, beauty parlors, and cruise ships. She has also had the fortune of being able to drive a bus, a minivan, a Volkswagen Beetle, horses, and motorcycles. Barbie has definitely had the pleasure of playing with one of the largest collection of available accessories made for any toy.

Barbie accessories clothes and shoes

Barbie accessoriesOne of the most popular Barbie accessories of all time is the wide array of Barbie clothing, particularly clothes sets. She can choose between wedding dresses and ball gowns, bathing suits and pajamas, blue jeans and fur coats. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular uses for Barbie is playing dress up. Girls and young women love to dress Barbie in fashionable outfits, mixing and creating looks of their own. These looks can then be supplemented further with other Barbie accessories. These include shoes of all kinds, jewelry, purses, and even cell phones and hand-held radios. While Barbie actually has a hard time “holding” many of her accessories, it is still fun for those playing to pretend Barbie is using them.

Barbie vehicle

Barbie accessoriesOnce Barbie is all dressed and ready to go the town, she can get a ride in one of her many vehicles, such as her pink convertible. She could go visit other parts of the world via her cruise ship or airplane. But her favorite forms of transportation are her remote-control Jeep and her Volkswagen Beetle. These are available in many different colours.

For her trips to the ball, there are also horse-and-carriage sets available in the Barbie accessories section. Barbie also has a big selection of bikes, scooters, and motorcycles to choose from.

Barbie playset

Barbie accessoriesWhere Barbie is headed is anyone’s guess, though she has plenty of options. Barbie Playsets available include places for recreation, for living, and for working. Beach scenery, home furnishings, and a large selection of hair and makeup accessories are also available.

Barbie’s Fashion Fever dolls have available playsets that include fashionable Barbie bedrooms and dressing rooms, with optional furnishings and other Barbie accessories to enhance play time.

Barbie accessories – homes

barbie malibu house

When Barbie is ready to come home and relax, there are also many homes from which to choose. Barbie has lived in many different versions of a dream mansion and a few versions of a magical castle as well. Also providing suitable accommodations is Barbie’s motor home camper.

Barbie has over the years redecorated her bedroom several different times, having canopy beds and vanity tables. No matter where she sleeps, she sleeps comfortably in her large collection of sleepwear.

Barbie pets

Barbie accessoriesFavourite Barbie accessories include her pets. Among these have been pet dogs and cats and horses. Other Barbie accessories available for her pets include a complete veterinarian office with x-ray capability and a grooming salon. Barbie’s pets also have a large variety of dog and cat toys to play with.

Playtime with Barbie is never to be boring. The executives at Mattel continue to come up with new and exciting Barbie accessories. This means that young girls can keep adding to their Barbie collection for as long as they want to.

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