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Barbie Dolls Dream House Playset

Barbie Dolls Dream House Playset really is a dream for any Barbie doll fan. It will provide hours of fun, excitement and lots of smiles for any little girl. I wish I had one when I was young!

Barbie Dollsl Dream House Playset

Barbie Dolls Dream House Playset

With three floors, seven rooms and a working elevator Barbie Dolls Dream House Playset is ready and waiting for Barbie and her friends to move in. Your kids can have lots of fun dreaming up all kinds of stories, from a lazy weekend at home to dressing up for a fun girls’ night out.

Barbie’s Dream House has a generous sized built-in garage with an opening and closing door where Barbie can keep her car in safety. What’s more, your child may want to customize the house and use the garage as another room for extra guests.

There’s also a stunning atrium window attached to the garage so Barbie can watch the magnificent Malibu sunsets each evening. In addition you can simply flip the window down and it becomes a swimming pool ready for Barbie and her friends to cool off during the day.

As well as this the indoor rooms are classically inspired but have modern touches with trendy designs and details suitable for a modern young woman such as Barbie. New interactive tech features provide lights, sound and even movement throughout the house in a fun way that will excite any child’s imagination.

More to play with in the Barbie Dolls Dream House Playset

Included in the Barbie Dolls Dream House Playset is a “smart” piece of furniture. This is designed to look like a living room cabinet or kitchen island on one side and a bathroom vanity on the other. As if by magic it recognizes  “smart” accessories and activates different lights, sounds and motions.

This means that you can click in the fan to set the blades in motion. Also snap in the stove-top grill for “flaming” lights and a sizzling sound. And the fish in the aquarium swim around as it lights up and makes bubbling sounds. In addition, in the bathroom the sink, complete with bubbles, lights up. There’s also tooth-brushing and water sounds and the toilet makes a flushing noise.

Barbie Dolls Dream House Playset

Barbie Dolls Dream House Playset Box

Barbie can enter the house through its tall pink door and can check her mail. Realistic “envelopes” are waiting for her, which just adds to the fun. If she’s hungry then get her cooking in the kitchen with its sleek appliances and realistic cookware and groceries.

On the second floor Barbie can dine in style with a friend in the dining room at the modern table set for two. In the bathroom she can prepare for a big night out at the sink/vanity and luxury tub. Also, pets are welcome too with their own space to play in a special room dedicated to Barbie’s animal friends.

On the third floor is a beautiful bedroom complete with a dramatic pink canopied bed. There’s also a walk-in closet. Here Barbie can check out her amazing outfits in the mirror and hang up her fashion clothes. There’s a gorgeous living room with a special surprise. Place your smartphone (not included) into the “flat screen” television and let Barbie get comfortable on the couch ready to watch a movie or video.


Easy Clip-together set up

Although quite big with 70 pieces and weighing 11kg, the Barbie Dolls Dream House Playset is simple to set up. This is because everything just clips together. It’s sturdy and robust and once assembled is approximately 14 inches deep, 46 inches tall and 40 inches wide. It requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included) and is recommended for age 3 upwards.

Dolls, pets and cars are sold separately and are subject to availability. Dolls cannot stand alone. Smartphone is not included. Colours and decorations may vary.

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