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Batbot Xtreme New Batman Toy Robot

Batbot Xtreme Robot

Batbot Xtreme Robot

Batbot Xtreme is the latest Batman toy to be released. It goes under the rather long title of Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot Xtreme. Each year Batman and Imaginext fans eagerly await news of the latest toys and they haven’t been disappointed with this one.

Batman is a popular fictional superhero that has appeared in American comic books by DC Comics for as long as we can remember. If you’re a fan of Batman, you’ll want to find out all about Batbot Xtreme and how you can get hold of it before the Christmas rush. And, more importantly, before it sells out

What is Batbot Xtreme?

Batbot Xtreme is the ultimate toy robot created for Batman fans. The robot has multiple projectile launchers, extendable wings, a voice changer, a hidden Batcycle and real punching fists. Batman fans will love this Super Hero as they send him to defend Gotham City from evil Super-Villain Attacks.

Batbot Xtreme is huge. He stands a little over two-feet tall and weighs in at 6 pounds. This robot towers over the bad guys of Gotham City. They’ve got no chance against this giant. You can send your Batbot Xtreme robot into an epic battle with his enemies simply by turning the Power Pad. Prepare him for action by extending his wings and arms. Squeeze the trigger on the back of the Batbot Xtreme and let rip his super-charged punch.

Launch the Batbot Xtreme Projectiles

You’ll find the Power Pad on the robot’s left shoulder. Turn it and the robot’s chest will open up, revealing a hidden elevator. The elevator takes Batman to the cockpit, where he will launch his counterattack.  On the robot’s shoulders you’ll find the projectile launch buttons. Press the buttons and launch the Batbot Xtreme projectiles.

Batbot Xtreme

Batbot Xtreme Robot

Unique Voice Changer and Bat Cycle

The Batbot robot has a unique built-in voice changer. Kids can have great fun with different voice effects as they battle with those mean Super-Villains. Turn another power pad and you’ll find the hidden bat cycle. Now Batman can race off on his motorcycle to do battle with the villains.

Developing language skills

This Batman robot is just the toy to stimulate children’s imaginations. All kinds of storytelling and imaginative play help develop children’s language skill. It can also help them gain a love of reading at an early age.

Batbot Xtreme Features summary

  • Turn the power pad on the right shoulder to activate battle mode.
  • During battle mode, children can use the voice changer for some epic voice effects.
  • The toy is over 2 feet tall and comes complete with punching fists, wings, a motorcycle, voice changer, and projectile launchers.
  • Batman figure fits inside the elevator. This takes him straight up to the cockpit.
  • Press the buttons on the shoulders and fire the projectiles.
  • Turn the power pad to the left and the Bat cycle will be revealed.
  • Includes the Batman figure, Batbot, 10 projectiles and Bat Cycle

Where and how to get it

What Batman fan wouldn’t want to play with this great new toy? Although it’s recommended for ages 3-8 years plenty of adults will want this one. The new Batbot Xtreme robot toy is also the perfect gift for kids into Fisher Price Imaginext toys. And it’s likely to sell out very quickly as Christmas approaches.. It’s now available on special offer from But if you’re in UK it can be shipped to you through the Amazon priority global shipping

Click the link below and get you order in today whilst stocks are still available at this price.


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