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BeatBo Fisher Price Dance Toy

BeatBo Fisher Price Dance Toy

BeatBo Fisher Price Dance Toy

BeatBo Fisher Price Dance Toy is the perfect toy for toddlers from about nine months. But slightly older children will also adore it. They will love to play and dance with this colourful, slightly alien looking, robotic toy.

There are several ways your toddler can play with the BeatBo Fisher Price Dance toy. Your toddler can press BeatBo’s large colourful tummy grid and buttons on his feet. BeatBo starts to sing, shake his hips and nod his head. This encourages your toddler to move around and dance along to the music.

This is great fun for your toddler, but it also helps develop important motor skills. The music, colourful lights and dancing motions also stimulate their senses. And very soon your little one is learning that fun things start happening when BeatBo’s buttons are pushed.

Your toddler will then want to learn BeatBo’s songs and dance moves and join in with them. There are over 40 songs, tunes and phrases that your child can learn.  These include learning colours, alphabet songs, games and much more.

One of the best things about this Fisher Price dance toy is the record and remix feature. Mum or toddler can press the red record and remix button and say a phrase to BeatBo.  BeatBo will then mix this phrase into a favourite song and play it back. This makes the BeatBo Fisher Price Dance Toy really stand out from many other electronic toys for toddlers.

This Fisher Price Dance Toy is great fun for toddlers as well as being educational. It will keep your toddler entertained for ages. No wonder it’s a best seller and is thoroughly recommended by Best Toy News.

BeatBo Fisher Price Dance Toy

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