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Cardboard Playhouse – Make Your Own or Buy Online

Let a cardboard playhouse be your child’s first home. Whether you are buying a playhouse or making one out of boxes, your child will love you for it. Let your child’s creativity out and have them design their own special place. In will go the sleeping bags, little chairs and teddy bears as everything begins to create a life of its own. Your little person will be making up rules and acting like a grown up in their very own home. You better not come in though, not unless you knock first.

Money doesn’t have to be an issue. Try building a cardboard playhouse out of old boxes. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You can keep it simple. Use those boxes you already have, like the empty one from that computer you have stored away. The let your child’s imagination soar. Is your cardboard playhouse too small? Add an extra box and tape them together, creating a bigger house. Cut out a door and a few windows and give your child some marker pens or crayons. Don’t worry if your windows aren’t straight, your child won’t notice. Create a slot in the cardboard big enough for your junk mail and slide it through, your child is sure to get a kick out of that.

Where to buy your cardboard playhouse

Cardboard Playhouse


If you don’t feel like designing your own cardboard playhouse then go to Amazon. Depending on the type you get they cost from under £20 to about £43. Each cardboard playhouse comes with easy to follow instructions. Encourage your child to colour everything on the playhouse with markers and sit back and watch their amusement for hours. Who knows maybe you can get in on the fun? Your child will have a blast creating their very own cardboard playhouse.

Cardboard playhouses come in all different shapes and sizes. A design your own cardboard playhouse is a simple white piece of cardboard that you get to draw in pictures if you want. A pre-decorated cardboard playhouse basically means your child gets to color in the pictures. Character playhouses are already done for you with full color graphics. You just have to perforate the doors and windows. Or just the simple cardboard boxes you already have laying around. Make your weekend a fun filled one.

Your child will be proud of having their very own cardboard playhouse, they may even want a friend or two over to join in on the fun. Getting your child out of the playhouse will prove to be a bit more difficult at dinnertime. I couldn’t see my daughter in her bed the night we got her house, she was sleeping soundly in her playhouse. This cardboard playhouse is going to be worth the time and effort you put into making it, whether you snapped it together or not.

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