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Carrom board games – great family fun

carrom board gamesCarrom board games are a cross between billiards, shuffleboard, pogs and marbles. You play carrom using a twenty-nine inch dusted plywood board. Each player uses a striking disk to try to propel men (game pieces) into the corner pockets of the board.

The game is popular throughout the world. Playing carrom board games is a national obsession in Sri Lanka and those in India have also embraced the game. Europeans also take the game seriously. The American Carrom Society helps organise the game in the US.

No one is certain who designed the first carrom board games. Many British players believe India invented the game. Whereas an Indian will probably say that it appeared during the British occupation. Others point toward Ethiopia, Egypt or even Myanmar as the original home of carrom.

Regardless of who started carrom, it certainly became popular with carrom tournaments played around the world. And professional coaches are available on the competitive tournament circuit. Carrom is not merely a board game for children. In many areas it is the game of choice among serious adults as they take breaks from work or meet together to socialize.

Carrom board games designs

carrom board gamesCarrom board games have been tweaked and redesigned by different game sellers over the years. But the original basis of the game has remained consistent. Most efforts to change the game resulted in a few sales of novelty boards but didn’t change the original nature of the activity.

Many carrom boards introduced into the US deviated considerably from the original design. These boards were resized, the pieces changed and the pockets were enlarged. Plastic or wooden “cue sticks” were used to shove the striker instead of flicking the striker with a finger. These “Americanized” versions of carrom board games are now mainly of interest to antique toy collectors. Eventually even the U.S. learned to appreciate the contest in its traditional form.


Carrom games are a great deal of fun. The game is simple to learn and easy to play. Its simplicity and quick play makes it a great game to enjoy with family members of all ages. As more and more families look for at-home activities, we may see a resurgence of carrom in the United States.

carrom board gamesThere are many carrom game manufacturers. Boards vary from the simple and traditional to highly ornate and well-constructed custom games. A nice carrom board can make an interesting and entertaining gift item. And there are lots of accessories such as a stand and a storage bag for your carrom board.

Not only is it a fine board game, it is an international phenomena with a mysterious history! If you are looking for something a bit different to do with family or friends have a look at this selection of carrom board games on Amazon now.

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