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Lego Duplo Super Heroes

The LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes sets are a collection of mini figures and sets fashioned after the Marvel comic superheroes and their fictional worlds. The super heroes include Batman, Spider-man and Superman.

lego duplo super heroes Like all LEGO DUPLO these sets are designed for younger children aged 2-5 years. The extra large and colourful bricks make them safe for small hands and engage young and enquiring minds in exciting and creative play.

The mini figures that come with the sets will be the super hero and other figures such as sidekicks from the story world. Sometimes the sets include an archenemy or two for the superheroes to do battle with.

Here are some of the most popular LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes sets.

LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes Batcave Adventure

Enter the Batcave and get ready for some exciting adventures! Park the Batwing and get to work with all of the amazing Batman gadgets. But watch out – Catwoman is sneaking about! Help Batman quickly down the slide to capture her.

lego duplo batcave adventure

This set will help your child develop creativity and building skills. The easy-to-build set featuring lots of extra bricks for extended play. Fire up your little one’s imagination with endless super hero role play fun. The set includes LEGO DUPLO Batman and Catwoman figures.

LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes The Joker Challenge

Catch The Joker before he causes more chaos with his latest evil scheme.  Help Batman speed to the scene in his Batmobile, then use the Batarang to stop The Joker and his out-of-control radar.
lego duplo joker challenge

Your young ones will love building exciting scenes with the large, brightly colored bricks and helping Batman to save the day, time and time again.

Included in this 40 piece LEGO DUPLO super heroes set are Batman and The Joker figures and the batmobile.

LEGO Duplo Super Heroes Batman Adventure

The race is on for Batman to save the cat from drowning in the river. Help Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman use all their powers to save the day.

lego duplo super heroes batman adventure


The minifigures in this 47 piece set are Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, a cat, a Bat boat and a motorbike.

Your child will have endless hours of fun playing with these super heroes as they build the bridge and save the cat.

Kids love this set and buyers highly recommend it giving it a healthy 4.8 star rating.

LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes Superman Rescue

Fly to the rescue and save the day with Superman! Help him stop the car from crashing into the water hydrant, then head back to work at the Daily Planet office.

lego duplo superman resue

Young children will love creating fun adventures with Superman. The set encourages basic building skills with the easy-to-build Daily Planet office building featuring an opening window and a Daily Planet decorated brick.

The set includes a LEGO DUPLO Superman figure and features an easy-to-build Daily Planet office building. There is also a car and water hydrant. These provide story starters for imaginative play.

LEGO DUPLO Spider-Man Web-Bike Workshop Figure

Get to work with Marvel’s Spider-Man to make his Web-Bike go even faster! Top up the oil and make some adjustments with the wrench. Then do some motorbike tricks on the dupl spider-man bike

Find the decorated spider-brick in the cupboard and create your own stories before Spider-Man speeds off on his next rescue mission. The 13 piece LEGO DUPLO Spider-Man Web-Bike Workshop includes a Spider-Man figure, amazing motorbike, wrench, oil can and decorated bricks.

For more exciting road-based action combine this set with the:

LEGO DUPLO Spider-Man Spider Truck Adventure Figure

Help Spider-Man stop Green Goblin from stealing all the money! Use the tracking device and radar in Spider-Man’s amazing Spider Truck to find where he is hiding, then head to the scene to hunt him down. But Green Goblin is planning to defend himself by throwing pumpkins – so be very careful! lego duplo spider-man truck adventure

Team up with Spider-Man to capture him and lock him away in the secure jail cell inside the Spider Truck. Then drive him away and get ready for your next exciting adventure.

Your children will have endless hours of fun with the Spider-Man Spider Truck Adventures. The 28 piece set contains 2 LEGO DUPLO figures, Spider-Man and Green Goblin, a buildable truck with radar, a tracking screen and jail cell.

If your kids love super heroes you can see more

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