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Little People Sit ‘n Stand Skyway Building Set

Most toddlers love playing with cars and the Little People Sit ‘n Stand Skyway Building Set by Fisher Price offers the under-five’s lots of fun to spark their imagination. Toddlers can place their vehicles at the top and watch as the cars zip their way around the spiral ramps to the bottom.

Little People Sit 'n Stand Skyway Building Set

Little People Sit ‘n Stand Skyway Building Set

This building set is the perfect gift for any toddler, boy or girl and is the sort of toy I would have bought for my toddler had it been available then!

The skyway made Walmart’s Hottest 25 Toys List for 2016. It has plenty of bright colors and interesting stops along the way – such as the town that’s part of the Skyway. Kids can run imaginary errands in their vehicles or stop for a visit just like Mum and Dad.

When their tank of gas is getting low, they can pause at the gas pump to get a refill and keep on playing. From top to bottom, the Skyway will keep your child entertained for hours.

When fully erected the Little People Sit ‘n Stand Skyway Building Set is approximately a meter in height. This is an ideal size for toddlers to be able to reach.

By putting their cars at the very top of the Skyway and letting go, they can delight to see the vehicles speed down all the roadways and ramps.

Kids love making their cars go into the car wash and being in control of lifting up the gates to let their cars go on their way. The ramps are spiral, which helps keep the vehicles in place as they zip along until they reach the end of the road.

Converting the Little People Sit ‘n Stand Skyway Building Set

The set takes minimal assistance once it’s put together to get it ready for your child to play with. With a little parental help it can easily be converted from a sit-at roadway toy to a stand-up mountain skyway and back again.

This two-way configuration doubles your child’s playing fun. What some parents do is use the toy in the sit down mode for younger children and in the stand-up version when their child is a little older.

Little People Sit 'n Stand-Skyway Building Set

Little People Sit ‘n Stand-Skyway Building Set Tower

You can also use the Matchbox cars with this set as your child gets older. Included in the set are two of the Wheelies cars. This toy is suitable for kids of 18 months up to five years old.

As well as being a fun toy for toddlers to play with it also offers some educational value. It encourages physical activity, hand-eye coordination and putting objects in place. Batteries are not needed for this toy. There is some assembly required and how long it takes to set up may vary.

The toy is easy to put together and comes with full instructions. All that is required is a screw driver.

The Little People Sit ‘n Stand Skyway Building Set cannot be dismantled. So once you have everything screwed into place you can’t store it in a toy box. The best thing to do is to tuck it in a corner or into a cupboard if you need to put it out of the way.

There are many other colourful toys at attractive prices available for little boys and girls in this range. You can find them here.

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