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Toddler Rocking Horse – Your child’s best friend

toddler rocking horseA toddler rocking horse is your child’s best friend for a little while. It’s the vehicle for adventure that is only limited by the power of your toddler’s imagination. More importantly, a rocking horse encourages your child to use their imagination. It  also gives hours and hours of entertainment over many years. The beauty of a rocking horse is that your child is entertaining him or herself and doesn’t need an audience or any audience participation. While you will sometimes play with your child and their horse, it is something that can entertain by itself. And those moments are golden and can be treasured for life.

If you had a rocking horse as a child, think of all the places your rocking horse took you. Imagine going back in time to your days on your rocking horse. Where did you go? What did you do? Who did you become? I was Annie Oakley, Zorro, a cowgirl, a rodeo rider, a matador (yes my rocking horse could become a bull on demand – couldn’t yours?), an Indian, a jockey, a knight. Your toddler could be anyone with a trusty horse at their side. A child’s rocking horse can give your toddler those unlimited hours of imaginary play that are so important to their development.

Benefits of a Toddler Rocking Horse

Your toddler’s rocking horse is a toy, a learning instrument, and a source of physical activity rolled into one. Most kids can work up quite a sweat on their rocking horse. It’s a great multipurpose toy. It can also provide hours of entertainment for you as the parent as you watch your little one on their rocking horse. You can also listen to the story that works itself out through their pretend play. You can ask your child to tell you what they are seeing and to tell you their story. Can you imagine the incredible fun a child’s rocking horse can bring to your family?

In addition to all the other fun a toddler rocking horse can provide it can also provide hours of fun in the making if you are brave enough to attempt a do it yourself project. Over the past few years many people have become more interested in and involved with do it yourself projects of all shapes and sizes. From knitting and floral design to cabinetry and flooring we are becoming more involved in projects that improve our lives and our enjoyment of our lives. There are many patterns available to strike your fancy and find the perfect child’s rocking horse for your child. All you really need to invest in (provided you have the tools already) is a little hardware, a little wood, a little time, and a lot of love.

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toddler rocking horse

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