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U818A WIFI FPV Drone Quadcopter Best Novice Drone

U818A WIFI FPV Drone QuadcopterU818A WIFI FPV Drone Quadcopter is a popular choice for anyone looking to move up from the mini quads. The drone is full size at 41 x 41 cm. and has plenty of excellent features. These include a control distance of 100m and the flying time per battery is 6-9 mins. The drone also comes with a spare battery and at just under £80 is good value for money.

The drone can be operated in headless mode making it easy to handle and suitable for beginners and novices. This U818A Drone is the WIFI FPV updated version of the original drone. Not only does it have a 720P HD camera for great images and video, it also has a FPV (First Person View) function when it is connected to a Smartphone.

The kit contains U818A WIFI FPV Drone Quadcopter with camera, a 2.4 GHz controller and a USB charger. There is a 4GB Micro SD card and a card reader. There are 2 LiPo batteries (3.7V 700mAh), a user manual and a quick user guide. Also included are 4 spare rotor blades (2 black, 2 white), a lens hood, a screwdriver and a spanner.

U818A WIFI FPV Drone QuadcopterGetting the best from your  U818A WIFI FPV Drone Quadcopter

You can control the drone using either the remote controller or your mobile. Simply download and install the app “UDIRC FPV” on your iPhone or Android smartphone. You can then navigate the drone forward, backward, left or right simply by changing the angle of your mobile. Other functions such as gravity mode and 3D VR view are also available with the app.

The smartphone app lets you operate the camera for real time transmission of videos and images. The 4GB memory card is suitable for storing your various flight recordings and play them back at your convenience. Air Pressure Altitude Hold is also supported. This feature allows novices to take stable and better quality photos.  Two LiPo batteries give extra flying time. Each fully charged battery has a fly time of 6-9 minutes and the battery takes around 120 minutes to recharge.

The propellers are marked A and B. Pair them properly and calibrate the remote for the drone to function. There is also an alarm that warns of low power to enable you to bring down the drone safely before it crashes. A 3D flip function button means you can perform 360° flips and rolls in any direction and get more fun from your flying.The one button take off and landing function makes operating the drone a breeze.

The U818A WIFI FPV Drone QuadcopterWhat we think

The U818A WIFI FPV Drone Quadcopter is a grown-up drone suitable for beginners and novices because of its headless technology. This eliminates the confusion beginners often experience about which way to fly the drone. Now you can fly your drone with ease irrespective of its direction. It is also smooth and responsive to fly. The option to operate the drone using the remote or through your smartphone makes it very versatile.

With First Person View (FPV) enabled you can see exactly what the drone camera records and you can pilot the quad to your desired U818A WIFI FPV Drone Quadcopterlocation. Even though you can see the videos recording in real time it’s fun to be able to enjoy them at other times. The 4GB SD card is useful for storing your different flight videos. You can watch them again simply by attaching the card to your computer.

The extra battery means you can enjoy your flying session for an extended period by simply replacing the used battery with a fully charged one. There’s no need to wait ages for the drone battery to recharge.

This drone is very popular and has lots of useful features to make flying more fun. It can be operated using the remote control or through a smartphone. This makes it very versatile. It’s recommended for age 14+ and would make a great first time drone gift.

U818A WIFI FPV Drone Quadcopter


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